Trying to count hexcode and get a percentage, something like this possible?

Things I have tried

Honestly i have just been reading what can be done with dataview and advanced tables but its all a bit confusing to me as excel has pretty much held my hand through it all before and i never really had to learn XD. i don’t think advanced table would be used as it seems to break my html tables with my styles i put in.

What I’m trying to do

So im trying to make my bullet journal part of my obsidian vault and have just finished a table used for a “a year in pixels” where i color code a cell for each day based on my mood and the outcome of the day pretty much. its not very useful but fun to see and helps a little with my mood as i can see “ok, its really not as bad as i think, most of the year was pretty good”. it helps me a bit :slight_smile:

i have a section to the side where i used to count in excel how many times a certain color/number appears 9if it would help i could assign a number to each color) and then it would give me a percentage ill attach a SS to help get my point across as i feel im terrible at explanations lol

and an example from my excel sheet version:

any help would be greatly apreciated :slight_smile:

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