Trying to come up with/understand how to create an Inbox system

Hello community,

I am trying to find/figure out how to come up with a workflow that will allow me to collect all of my new unchecked info, that is being pulled (mostly from Readwise) into an Inbox folder.

The problem I’m having currently is not being able to easily have one place where all of my “pieces” for review come into one place, that I can easily check/review/import into my PKM. My thought was to use a tagging system something like Inbox/Reviewing/Filed.

I imagine doing this will require setting up some kind of query, which I’m totally unfamiliar with. But I imagine, I would create a note; maybe called “Inbox”. And on that note, would be a query that could pull all articles/notes/highlights into one place, where the default tag might be Inbox. As I go through my new notes on this page, I could change the tag from Inbox to Reviewing; where the note would stay until I changed it to “filed”. I recall back in the day when I was using ROAM, this was very easy to setup. I imagine someone has figured out how to do this easily using Obsidian.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It’s easy to embed a search: you just use the normal search syntax inside a special code block. If you’re already using an inbox folder, you don’t even need to add a tag:


For tags, use “tag:” instead of “path”.

Thanks CawlinTeffid,

I’m not using an inbox yet. So I’d take any suggestions on setting this up properly from the get go.

This is not exactly answering your questions, but for what it’s worth, I use the root folder as my inbox.

I do my filing in 4 folders in the root of my vault, and incoming files are sitting outside of those four folders.

I’ve done it this way as I have .md files being programmatically generated from multiple sources (including readwise) and placed in the root for simplicity. It had an unintended side-effect which was to force myself to process my ‘inbox’, as my vault looks really untidy if there are loose files in the root of my vault.

I have CTRL+M as a ‘move to file to another folder’ hotkey to speedily file it away once processed.

Works for me!

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Love the CTRL+M concept! Thanks

I use for my notes-to-elaborate the following tag: #attribute/inbox

That was @lrdub’s good idea (which I might use, too!) :slight_smile:

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