Trying to build a simple CRM in Obsidian - suggestions + ideas

What I’m trying to do

I’m new to Obsidian and would like to build a very simple, low code, minimal plugin CRM tool that enables me to…

  • Add a contact and their details - would this be done with a page per contact?
  • Link contacts together if they have a relationship
  • Link meeting notes to these contacts (which I think is just a backlink?)
  • Also have a table or similar that simply lists ALL contacts I added
  • Be able to import contacts from Apple Contacts / CSV

Things I have tried

I tried creating a template, but it’s missing so much of the rich info, I lost hope!

Any suggestions welcome please. Thanks

Any advice appreciated

Hi gypsymoth:

Some thoughts on your questions based on my main vault:

  • Each contact is a separate document. I keep all contacts in a separate folder in the vault

  • Linking contacts is easily done in Obsidian. I also have a folder for Organization so I can link to an orgainzation as well

  • Meeting notes, just like you suggest

  • Table to list contacts - I don’t need this as all my contacts are in the same folder and I can see them in the file view. You could add the Dataview plugin and build a report that way if you want

  • Import CSV of contacts. There is a CSV/JSON Import plugin but full transparency, I have not used it

  • Templates: What are you looking to do with them? The core template function can be a little challenging at first but well worth the effort. I use templates a lot. I have not used the templater scripting plugin, but it’s on my list for a rainy weekend :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.



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