Trying to add frontmatter always renders the YAML as markdown

No matter what I try I’m unable to create frontmatter in any notes. I’ve tried new notes, existing notes but each time I type — it’s rendered as a line. If I enter for example product: 1 on the next line and then — again on the line below and then return it makes the prouct: 1 into big bold letters. My YAML is at the top of the document. I’ve restarted Obsidian. Driving me mad.

Is the first --- on the very first line of your note?

Can you share a screenshot of your note in source mode?

Urgh, what ugly DX! the only way to manually add frontmatter without markdown rendering it is by going into source mode. In edit mode, typing — will (since 1.4) create a properties widget to help you add tags and other stuff. To make it worse for newbies there’s an icon that toggles between read and edit mode so you think these are the only two options. Worse still, in read mode you can still edit the tag names in the property dialog. Once you’ve created the properties dialog you can’t just highlight and delete it or just backspace it into oblivion. You have to right click and remove properties - bleurghh. Really clunky and non-intuitive.

To edit YAML in live preview, change Settings > Editor > Properties in document to Source

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