Trying to achieve a half or 2/3 height empty line through CSS

Hi all, does anyone know of a way to diminish the height of empty lines through CSS? I don’t want to use paragraph padding because then every hard return with give me spacing.
What I do when designing a book is that I often make empty lines half or 2/3 high for easier continuation of reading. That is something I would like to achieve in CSS. Thanks for any ideas.

It seemed more simple than I thought

p {
  margin-bottom: 1rem !important;

Replace 1rem for any value you seem fit.

Isn’t this the margin definition of the paragraph? :sweat_smile:

Yes it is. I’m not a CSS talent so I might just be messing things up.
But the default paragraph margin gave me too high empty lines, with this code they’re more in check while still being able to enter empty lines as extra separations between paragraphs. If you have better suggestions you’re most welcome.

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