Truncated windows in Live Preview and Source modes

What I’m trying to do

Switching between Reading and Live/Source views using OPT+L does not work (have checked that the hot key is set). I can only change to the editing modes from the buttons on the interface. Furthermore, when in those modes, the screen for editing is truncated to just a few lines in the editing window, right at the top and below the title. At first I thought that I was not getting the window at all.

Things I have tried

  • changed vaults. Other vaults seem to work ok - so I have no idea what is happening with this particular vault, which is my main work vault.

  • changed themes to no effect

  • countless restarts

  • re-installed Obsidian

Right now, I am not able to create any notes at all as the available window for working in is totally unusable!

The only way I could get this fixed is by opening a clean new vault and copy files from the corrupted vault into it. Now, after some recovering in setting up the plugins again, I seem to be back. But this is still very weird behaviour and must be related to something in the vault.

I was using this vault over the last few days from a different computer - my home laptop, whereas this problem appeared on my work laptop when I came in first thing this morning (I have not yet determined whether this is a problem on my home computer).

Is this a clue?!

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