Trouble with PlantUML


  1. Unable to set PLANTUML_LIMIT_SIZE
  2. Including the osa sprites results in “Generating PlantUML diagram” and nothing more

Things I have tried

  1. In PlantUML options:
    • set “Java Path” to “/usr/bin/java -DPLANTUML_LIMIT_SIZE=16384”. Creating a plantuml block containing “version”, it still shows the size as being 4000. Oddly, the version of java shown does not match the system java
    • I created created a shell script named “java” which simply calls java with the proper options. This also did not work.
    • I tried tracing Obsidian with sysdig. I was unable to see when java was called to help see what is going on.
    • I took the same block and fed it to planuml.jar directly and it rendered properly (this is my current workaround)

What I’m trying to do

  • I am trying to make provision for large diagrammes. The original problem is that the diagrammes beyond a certain size are clipped. This is the case regardless of whether PNG or SVG are used
  • I wish to make use of the osa sprites, and potentially others
  • Does anyone have a hint on how I might be able to see what is going on?
  • Is it possible since this is an AppImage under Linux that there is some sort of container issue with trying to see the java execution?