Trouble opening files from google drive

I am evaluating using Obsidian in my company and i have troubble opening files from google drive.

What I’m trying to do

I want to open up a *.md file from a link to google drive.

Things I have tried

  • I tried opening the file from the local folder copy.
  • I tried attaching the file in in drive from an application like clickup.
  • I tried making a share link.


  • If i open the file direectly from the local google drive folder it will open to the correct file only if i have the correct vault already open in obsidian. If its not open it will open a seperate vault to no perticular vault.

  • If i link from an app like clickup, it goes through several clicks to first display the file, then open in google drive then telling me i cant open obsisidan on my computer.

  • When making a share link it will not connect to the correct link in the right vault like if i open the local file from drive.

Help would be much appreciated

If I’m understanding correctly, you are trying to open individual .md files in Obsidian from share links? Is that right?

Obsidian is different from other Markdown and code editors that can open and edit files from pretty much anywhere. It also can’t be easily set as the handler of .md files on macOS or Windows.

Obsidian works on files already in a “vault” (just a local folder on disk); you interact with those notes (.md files) within Obsidian. All the notes (and images, PDFs, etc.) need to be local in your vault for Obsidian to work properly.

You can, of course, share links to .md files that are in your vault, but you’ll need another app to view and edit them.

If you want to link to and open specific notes already in a vault, you can use the Obsidian URI protocol.

Hopefully I’m on the right track, and others can chime in with more details or a better explanation.

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