Tropy integration

Has anyone worked with Tropy alongside obsidian?
I’m helping a friend set up an organization system for their dissertation research, and it includes a fair amount of archival documents. It feels messy to use zotero (thank you jon gauthier for the citations plugin!) as well as tropy, but tropy’s interface & features are really appetizing.
There’s been a suggestion within tropy to add a URL scheme which I think would make at least a sort of DIY integration possible… but until then can anyone think of any workarounds?

what is Tropy?

Tropy is a research photo organiser from the same organisation that makes Zotero (and Omeka)

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It’s really cool, perhaps we could do something similar to the Zotero plugins?

That’s what I was thinking too

I’m not sure if the zotero plugin relies on the fact that zotero has a URL scheme? Or if not, could the same approach for the zotero plugin be used for tropy…