Triple brackets not recognized as links [[[ ]]]

Steps to reproduce

create a link using triple bracket [[[ ]]] iinstead of double [[ ]]

Expected result

a link is detected in the graph, and shown with a line

Actual result

there is no line. If the third bracket is removed, there is a line


  • Operating system: windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.3

Additional information

why would triple brakets be recognized as links?


Is this notation even part of the standard?

Neuron uses [[[…]]] for branching links.
I don’t remember seeing it anywhere else.

Thinking about it, this could be a feature request for it as a folgezettel syntax.
It’s not inconsistent with the wikilink syntax.

This is interesting. What would be the benfits of a a triple bracket[[[ ?

Or is this just to make it compatible with Neuron?

It’s not interesting I am very sorry.
It doesn’t follow the Markdown standards.

It’s not interesting I am very sorry.
It doesn’t follow the Markdown standards.

You mean like the block links?
Or wikilinks?
Or tags?

The tripple bracket notation is not following the standard Markdown definition

Is there a standard markdown definition for triple brackets?
Because, if not, it’s just an extension.

Github Flavoured MarkDown Specs here:
CommonMark here:

You can use the same argument to object to wikilinks

Not entirely true:
A repetition if three characters in the standards mean something.
Apparently you didn’t consult the links I forwarded…

Actually you’re wrong. Triple brackets on their own are not parsed as a unit. Check in any editor.

They are actually treated in the same way as wikilinks.
Which leaves the field entirely free for a wikilink extension should a need for one ever be recognised.

I assume you don’t like wikilinks either.

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My bad. Sorry! (Actual screenshot of Markdown specs). That means that triple brackets should be recognized as links if Obsidian would follow the Commonmark standard which I understood it is.

No graveyard stuff than?

And if you look further you will see the same with wikilink double brackets.

The brackets only have a function within a wider syntax using pairs.

So the triple bracket on its own has no function, and is a perfectly reasonable extension of the wikilink syntax.