Trigger URL Schemes

Apologies for this probably basic js/ts question, but I’m struggling to find an answer anywhere.

I’m working on a plugin to generate Things to-do items from selected text. How can I fetch/open/execute the Things URL from within the plugin?

i.e. I can generate the URL Scheme below

but I can’t get either xHttpRequest() or fetch() to work. Obviously clicking the link works, but I’d like to do this automatically.

I have struggled with this before. I forget the exact answer, but I believe it has to do with:

and note the comment:

To open a new window on every call of , use the special value _blank for windowName .

Sweet! That worked perfectly with no tweaks, thanks!

I just need to figure out whether this method lets me receive a response back in Obsidian so I can get the to-do id from Things

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