Trello plug-in?

Hello! I am new to Obsidian and am enjoying its extensible interface and features.

I really like the Todoist plug-in and am wondering if anyone has made a Trello plug-in that could similarly show a board or a part of a board inline.


Search for the Kanban in the community plugins :slight_smile:

Trello is the name of the company while Kanban is the concept name of this kind of boards

You can embed Trello, if that’s what you meant.

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Ah! I see it can be done with an iframe. From the comments and a quick test, it seems I would need to make a board fully public in order for it to work?

Any work around a for this?

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Ok this is pretty cool. I’ve got Trello and an OmniFocus project showing up.

Not seeing it render on iOS devices. What might be the reason for that? Is there a workaround?