Tree-view hierarchical navigation using internal links. Possible?


The Graph view dramatically looses it’s usefulness after you have enough notes in your vault. It is still fun to see all the notes from the birds eye, but the Graph view does not seems a good way to browse the notes.

Here is what I see when I’m opening a linked Graph view from the random note:

Here is what I see when I’m opening a linked Local Graph view from the random note (it is better, but still not really comfortable to browse notes, as it is not sorted and notes are often overlapping):

I’m pretty sure there should be another view: Hierarchical Internal links three view. Exactly like File Explorer View, but using Internal links instead of file names.

There is a good implementation of Hierarchical Tags three view, using tags instead of files or Internal links.

Why don’t we have something like this, which uses Internal links instead of tags? Your thoughts?

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I use the Breadcrumbs plugin for this, and I have just started to scratch the surface of Breadcrumbs, but at a minimum, you can include Dataview fields like the following, either in the YAML frontmatter or elsewhere. It will also compute implied relationships (e.g. if 2 files have the same parent, they are siblings). The Breadcrumbs view doesn’t give me a full tree, but at least direct relationships and is traversable.

up:: MyParent

Unlike a file hierarchy, you can create multiple different hierarchies. For example, if you are managing recipes, you could have main dishes that have a parent of both [[Meat]] and [[Pasta]] for a Lasagna.

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As far as I see Breadcrumps plugin uses a special syntax (am I wrong?). And I’m requesting a plain Internal link hierarchical tree-view navigation.

The links themselves are just normal wiki links, prefaced by <relationship>:: which is Dataview field format.

I should say there are many other ways to create hierarchies with Breadcrumbs. I’m just starting to scratch the surface.

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Excalibrain creates maps of notes either automatically or with help from frontmatter properties. Parent, child, siblings, and friends connections.

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