Translation of plugins to other languages

I asked Liam the “Calendar” plugin developer to support other languages and he replied:
“I would love to see settings and dialogs get translated! I’ll check with the Obsidian devs to see there’s anything they can expose via the API to help with plugin localization.”

I think this would be a valuable feature.

/Henrik :slight_smile:


Yup, a standardized way to do this would be great.

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Adding a couple of modal windows to my plugin and also decided to look for plugins i18n support. Found this topic. Agree, would be nice to have a standardized way

Yes, that would greatly improve the comfort for users across the world

I would recommend building a public platform to host and maintain all translations, both core and plugins, and pontoon may be a good project to start with: GitHub - mozilla/pontoon: Mozilla's Localization Platform