Transclusions have horizontal scroll instead of wrap

Whenever I transclude a note with ![[x]] the font-size is larger than the one in the current note, and it displays in a box with a horizontal scroll needed to reveal all the text. Is there a way to make it wrap that text so I don’t have to scroll horizontally to see it? Because as it stands if that can’t be changed I’d rather just use the hover preview that does wrap text properly. For reference this is in the hybrid edit/preview on W10 with the red graphite theme.

What’s the behavior in default theme?

No difference. I probably should have checked before specifying that.

Any css snippet?

Of course -_-. It was a failed CSS snippet I had tried to give the hybrid mode line length a wider width that ended up being the culprit.

The other issue I’m having is the large font-size. I tried using the dev console to identify the CSS for it, but none of my attempts to resize the text in them worked.

Open the “Help” vault (or a new vault) and check if you have any issue. If everything ok, then you have any conflict with your theme or css snippet.
Sometimes to override a css definition you need to add “!important;”. Not the best praxis, but sometimes is necessary…

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Thanks. I ended up playing with the default live editor font somehow (I don’t recall) because it was too big anyway and the transclusions reduced to a more bearable size, so it worked out.

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