Transclude Me (as 3rd-party plugin)

I think that several of us would benefit from having a plugin that does what @randulfr described awhile back (and prototyped in Keyboard Maestro, see: Transclude Me (KM macro on OSX)):

While curating one’s notes, it is not uncommon to realize that some portion of text in current note actually merits being its own new atomic ‘topic’ (note).

TranscludeMe makes this easy: it cuts the selected text, replacing it with a transclusion link to a new note that contains the cut selection.

It would be great if the plugin would provide the user with basic configurability, including:

  • Where to store the extracted note that is to be transcluded (e.g., vault root/Quotes)
  • Text input for the filename of the extracted note
  • Template to use for creation of the note (e.g., tags, etc.)

Is anyone working on this (or willing to take it on)?


In a slightly different use case…I would ask for another feature, as it bothers me greatly that I cannot see the text of the transcluded snippet in edit view.

Option (works similar to Roam’s Text + Alias):

  • Put in an option to copy the actual text snippet in Note 1, and insert it into a new/existing note 2 (e.g. a quote from a literature note into my own note on the topic), so that it can be manipulated (e.g. I can bold or take out words) and append a FN/reference to the original snippet in note 1

  • add a counter/tag in note 1 that indicates that the text snippet has been used elsewhere (e.g. #burnt for using my own text so I don’t self-plagiarise or #presentation so I know in what context I used the text snippet)

Would that be possible? I’d happily use a KM shortcut, but I don’t know how, and I need it to be cross-platform (Windows at work, Mac at home)

@Kabo, I like your additional comments to the OP’s. I’ve been trying to keep up with all the new feature requests since the Devs released the in-house Plug-in option. At some point, if possible, rather than have a Huge army-knife of separate plug-ins for linking, I’m hoping for one that allows for the selection of whatever AND THEN asks the user What it should be, directional (to or from), new Note or ‘old’, bi-directional AND whatever else the clever folks in this forum can squeeze in.

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@Daveb08 that sounds just about perfect! and perhaps add a hotkey for your favourite option…or am I getting greedy? :wink: I’m not techie enough to understand what I am asking for, so I hope it’s not pie-in-the-sky

@Kabo I’m guessing I’m on a par with your techie-ness. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. I’m quite certain we are not the only two seeking such an option. As they say…stay tuned.

Refactor Notes is close, I think:

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@ryanjamurphy yeah I think that works for the original post! Perhaps I should have split my question off into a new request as it seems to be a bit of a different idea.

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Refactor Notes does exactly what I need. Thanks!