Transclude Lists

I’d like to transclude lists of bullet points. I have a note like this:

# Overview
- Item 1
- Item 2

I’d like to transclude it, so that I get just Item 1 and Item 2 showing up in another note, using e.g. ![[TestNote#^overview]].

It seems my choices are:

(Only gets the heading)

(Only gets the last item)

(Works, but adds an extra level of structure)

If I get it right, this means that list items are linkable blocks, but not a whole list?

If you add a blank line between the list and the block id reference, it should do what you want.

Source note (parent):

# Overview

- Item 1  
- Item 2


Test note:

![[Start Here#^overview]]

Also, have a look at Embed Adjustments - SlRvb's Documentation - Obsidian Publish for a bunch of embed options using attribute text like
![[TestNote#Overview|no-h1 clean]].


Also, in this case the list has a heading which gives you another embed option: ![[TestNote#Overview]].

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That’s fantastic!

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