Transclude/block-reference footnotes with either markdown format

Use case or problem

There are two formats for creating footnotes. Either ^[content] or [^number]. For example:

Let’s hop over to note B. I want to reference these footnotes by transcluding their content.

For some reason you can only transclude footnotes if they use inline formatting, otherwise the number just shows up as plain text and the relevant footnote does not appear. Likewise, referencing the text of the footnote itself gives an empty transclusion where “2. Which I’m also very opinionated about.” should appear:

Proposed solution

It would be great if transclusion worked the same way for both footnote formats. Partially a selfish request because I use [^content] formatting in all my notes, but hopefully there are some other people out there who would benefit from this feature as well.



Hi, is there any update or workaround for referencing footnotes? I found very little discussion on this demand…
Or is there a better way to implement a line-level reference than referencing a footnote?