Transclude all blocks or paragraphs that include a specific #tag or [[link]]?


Is there a simple and natural way to transclude all blocks or paragraphs that include a specific #tag or [[link]] ?


I write a note per newspaper I read. The note mentions the countries and subjects the newspaper deals with :

# Newspaper 2022-01

Tensions in [[CountryA]] where X happened, 

Concerning [[CountryB]], we learn that..., which represents 
an opportunity in terms of #subjectA ...

I would like to have individual notes for CountryA, CountryB and subjectA that would embed all the blocks or paragraphs that include, respectively [[CountryA]], [[CountryB]] or #subjectA.

Also, a very powerful feature could be to filter the [[Country A]] backlinks by tag, as in Logseq :

E.G. : On [[Country A]], I want to embed all blocks or paragraphs that include [[CountryA]] and #tagX.

Or vice-versa (filter the tags by backlink).

This could be of great interest for daily notes too, for example.

Question :

  1. Is this possible in Obsidian ?
  2. In an intuitive/simple/natural way ?
  3. I have just discovered Logseq, and it seems it is designed for this very usecase. I’m not sure yet, but would Logseq be more adequate for that ? Or would Obsidian be as capable ?

Thanks for your insights !

EDIT : Here are some partial solutions or workarounds.

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To who it may help :

So apparently the native backlinks of Obsidian partially accomplish this (using cmd + p > toggle backlinks at the bottom of the document), at least for links [[]], not yet for tags #.

It does not seem yet as powerful as what Logseq does with backlinks, but it’s heading in the right direction. A workaround if more flexibility is desired would be to use dataview with javascript. It is a bit cumbersome because this process has to be repeated for each desired tag, while Logseq natively does this automatically.

Thanks for the reddit link - this might be very useful indeed!

I’m hoping to tweak it to show as a data view table and be sortable by keywords (if there are more than one…), e.g. #quote, #projectX, #person/A

lose the #quote, but be sortable by #person

fingers crossed!

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