Transclude a long list without the header

Is their some limit to the length of a a list that can be transcluded?

I have a long list on page A like this

# Long List
- item 1
- item 2
- item 95
- item 100


Then on page B I try to transclude like this

![[page A#^6b9a5e]]

And only get a transclusion from part of the list, I.e. items 95 - 100 (not exact number counts, judt for example). It only actually transcluded 9 items in my case.

I’ve seen similar questions in the past and lately good advice as well. I would let you search forum posts for me.
General rule of thumb: no empty line should be among the transcluded text.

I don’t see any empty lines … is there any way to view them in obsidian like the ¶ button in word?

In fact, I’ve use tools like View non-printable unicode characters to check for hidden characters and only characters are the CR LF at the end of each line.

Ok I figured it out.

Apparently, the list has both - and * characters for bullets. and obsidian does not like that. I converted everything to - and it seems to be picking everything up now.

Great. Was just about to ask you to search for @ariehen transclude in the forum.

In Markdown, using a different list marker starts a new list.

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That’s interesting info. Never occur to me to try that before. It would help me create a new ul “block” without entering <br> tag.

Sorry side topic because I had a stumbling block related to creating new column with empty line but I cannot do it with list.

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