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Short story:

I’ve tracked the “success rate” of daily habits via an inline field: “Success::”. Is it possible to use the Tracker plugin to create a pie or bullet graph that models said inline value?


Seeing as it’s nearly the end of the year, I’d like to review the “Success Rate” of my logged habits.

I’ve maintained daily notes with inline fields to input relevant data (i.e. minutes studied, hours slept,…). I use the inputs to populate dataview tables in my weekly and monthly notes to create a general overview. One of the inline fields I’ve used is “Success::” which denotes the success rate of my planned daily habits. I use a percentage for this field.

Using the Tracker plugin is it possible to create a pie chart with the percentage values grouped? (i.e. Dataset 1: 0-20%; Dataset 2: 21-40%…). Or average them out into a bullet graph?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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I think I’m having the same question:

I would like to track my pages read via the inline field “[trackPagesRead:: 5]” and have specified it in Tracker:

searchType: dvField
searchTarget: trackPagesRead

With this, I get the ‘No valid Y value found in notes’

However, when I run it as front matter “trackPagesRead: 10” it works:

searchType: frontmatter
searchTarget: trackPagesRead

Wondering if anyone can help? Maybe I just have a syntax error?


Hi, when using dataview fields use double :, ie.:

dvField:: Value in notes

Yes - I have been using a double colon “::” for my dataview fields. I’m just having trouble referencing said fields into a pie chart or bullet graph with the Tracker plugin.

Do you how to write a Tracker plugin code block for numeric values?

Have you tried the inline field without the square brackets?

No, I don’t think this is possible with the Tracker plugin, see the functions at obsidian-tracker/ at master · pyrochlore/obsidian-tracker · GitHub

Some of the pie chart templates show how to categorize the data into completion rates as percentages, but only provide examples referencing tasks (and not inline data). Is there any way to do the same with inline data?

i.e. “Success::” of the past five daily notes is: [20,40,60,80,100]. Would it be possible to display that as a pie graph that categorizes it neatly into five segments?

Thanks @pbr – I was wondering too but I’ve been doing it as you can see above:

Here how it looks like it my daily note:

## Tracking 
[trackMorningWorkOut:: 0] %%Yes - 1 / No - 0%%
[trackMorningEnergyLevel:: 0] %%Add 0-10%%
[trackMorningStressLevel:: 0] %%Add 0-10%%

Any other ideas where it might get stuck?

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