Things I have tried

Reading through the examples, documents of Pyrchlore’s Obsidian Tracker plugin.
Reading through past threads on similar questions.
Experimenting with the syntax code in my notes.

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to create a note page that would display a pie chart using the Obsidian Tracker Plugin.

I want it to be able to keep track of the amount of the two tags I have been using in my footnotes. So, if in my footnotes, the tag #Gothic exists 6 times, then a section of the pie chart would display a sector relating to that number 6.

On each note in my folder, I have used the Tags #Gothic and #Folklore.
I would like to create a Pie chart that automatically gets updated based on those tags

Any help would be fantastic as I have been really struggling. I am new to this and so im still getting used to md and the coding and such.

Here are a few examples of what I have tried to do incase this helps

     ``` tracker
searchType: tag
searchTarget: Gothic, FolkLore
  Folder: '*****************'
datasetName: Done, NotDone
  outputtype: pie
title: Genre Elements
  data: '{{1 + 1}}, {{2 * 2}}, {{12/ 2}}, {{1+(2+3*2)-1}}, {{27%17}}'
label: '{{2/30*100}}%, {{4/30*100}}%, {{6/30*100}}%, {{8/30*100}}%, {{10/30*100}}%'
  dataColor: '#4daf4a,#377eb8,#ff7f00,#984ea3,#e41a1c'
  dataName: Gothic, Folktale, Lore, Data4, Data5
ratioInnerRadius: 0.3
  showLegend: true
  legendPosition: right
  legendOrientation: vertical	

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