Track pad zoom not working for logitec keyboard

Hi Obsidian Team,

I discovered an issue where the zoom function does not work on the Canvas. This featured worked in the past. I’m guessing that there are not many people who use a trackpad.

Device - iPad Pro 11" 2nd Gen A12Z Bionic
Keyboard - Logitec Combo Touch

Tests performed:

Test 1

  • Turning on restricted mode
  • Disabling all snippits
  • Restarting Obsidian

Test 2

  • Uninstalling and reinstalling Obsidian on the ipad

Test 3

  • Reconfigured canvas default wheel behavior options

Test 4

  • Adjusted iPad keyboard options
  • Tested Accessibility options
  • Tested enable and disabling Full Keyboard Access

Interestingly the trackpad zoom works on other apps on the iPad such as Photos, Safari, it also works on other non Apple apps as well.

Any help would be appreciated. I use Convas a lot and the trackpad zoom function was very useful.


moved to help section.

We do not have that specific keyboard to test it.