Tool for summarizing YouTube Videos that allows exporting notes to Obsidian?

With the removal of the dislike button from YouTube, is hard to get at a quick glance an indication of the quality of the content.

Currently, I am watching the video in Obsidian using the media extended plugin and take notes as it goes.

Especially for videos that are 60min+, it feels very wasteful to discover only at the end of the video that there were not many takeaways or valuable insights.

Do you guys know about a tool that can summarize YouTube videos, based on the transcript, that ideally would allow also easy note-taking and exporting those notes to Obsidian?

I know there is something for podcasts, but I haven’t found something for YouTube (or videos in general).

Or how do you guys process longer youtube videos?

Maybe there’s something that could generate a transcript? That’s the only thing I could think of. You’d still have to skim through it and it probably won’t be perfect if the auto generated captions on YouTube are any indication.

I wished snipd would add youtube too, I mean many videos are just audio with the face of a guy and can be listened to,

and for some reason Media extended stopped working for me around a month ago, that even make it worse for me, I am using chrome extension YT Scribe right now to get captions from youtube. I am still not sure what is the best solution

Thanks @Archie. I gave YT Scribe a try and it helped a bit.

Was thinking to pass through Summari the transcription given by YT Scribe and then you would have a high level overview for you to decide if you want to watch the entire video or not.

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interesting, the idea is very good imo but I tried one video transcript with it and it did not look very good, maybe it is written for articles and that is why. I think it worth to investigate more into it, if it works the reward in increased productivity is going to be huge.