Tool for comparing folders and merging notes?

What I’m trying to do

As I continue to organize loads of old notes from various sources, and import notes, I find often want to move a note to a new location, and then there’s a note with the same name.

For example, I use CSV to import a set of Abbreviations, each with its own note. They are imported into a temporary folder. Then I look at each one and move it to the correct folder. Often there will be an existing note for that abbreviation. I want to merge the new one so that the new meaning of the abbreviation is included.

I need a tool that would include all that. The workflow would be:

  1. Run tool on Folder 1 and Folder 2.
  2. Returns a list of differences: files not in one folder or other; differences in common files.
  3. For each difference, give the option of copying the file across, merging the contents, etc

Things I have tried

Searched for “merge”, “diff”, “duplicate” plugins, but none do quite what I need.

I am currently using VSCode and a Compare Folders extension to do this, and it works pretty well, but it would be nice to do it in Ob.