What I’m trying to do

I am trying to migrate some of my (way too many…) tasks in Toodledo ( to Obsidian. It provides several export mechanisms: CSV, plain text, and XML.

Things I have tried

Toodledo does not appear to be discussed in the forum. I tried pasting txt, CSV and XML data with (the probably expected) gobbledygook resulting.

I see there are mentions of plugins but I am unable to understand how to begin to work and even if got them working, how/if they might help.

I wonder if I might be able to export Toodledo tasks to some intermediate program and them import somehow into Obsidian, but this is beyond me.

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

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Dearie me! You have my sympathy. I’ve looked at this and it seems that the export formats have too much structure to them to make any sense in a markdown file without having an intermediate program to format them first. There are a few CSV plugins that might work but I have not tried them. Most seem to just create a table with the content which, given how tables work (or rather don’t!) in markdown would produce a dreadful mess as you say.

Maybe there is a plugin for Toodledo to export to Todoist format which can then be imported using the one of the many Todoist obsidian plugins?

Sorry i can’t be of more help and good luck!

If this is a one time operation, I would create a Templater template to read the exported file from Toodledo, and write the tasks as markdown.

Not knowing how the tasks look in the various formats, it’s hard to suggest which is the better option. I think all of them could be used, but I’m partial to lean towards either the CSV or XML option, as both of those retain some structure making it easier to separate different parts of your original tasks. This can be hidden if using only text export.

You’ll need to know some javascript coding either way to parse the exported file, but here is a StackOverflow thread which might be useful to get you going on parsing an XML file.

In summary, I think if you export it from Toodledo you don’t need any extra program, given some javascript coding, as you then could use the Templater plugin to make a template to read and convert the tasks.

Good idea but I think programming a javascript solution is probably going to be too much for BigBaldBob.

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