Too large Mermaid diagram

Things I have tried

I’m trying to fit a simple Mermaid diagram in it’s entirety as follows:

graph TB

c1([Higher real growth <br> Economy is growing <br> faster than expected])-->irrise[Interest rates rise]

c2([Higher inflation <br> Expected inflation in <br> future years rises])-->irrise

irrise-- Riskfree rate rises -->rfr[Riskfree rate <br> Rate of return on <br> guaranteed long <br> term investment]

c2---hrp[Higher risk premia]-->rp[Risk premiums <br> Extra return demanded <br>  by equity ERP <br> and debt default <br> spreads]

rfr-->dr[Discount rate]

dr-->ev[Enterprise Value]
c1-. Higher growth .->rg[Revenue Growth <br> Function of the <br> size of the <br> total accessible <br> market and market <br> share]
hrp-. Higher growth .-> rg

fcff[FCFF = EBITDA - Taxes - CapEx - WC - Taxes]

c1-. Higher margins .->om[Operating Margins <br> Determined by pricing <br> power and cost <br> efficiencies]-->fcff
hrp-. Without pricing <br> power margins <br> will decrease .->om
hrp-. With pricing <br> power margins <br> will be <br> stable .->om

What I’m trying to do

Is there a way of making it smaller and or “hacking” mermaid in some way?

I use this css snippet to center mermaid diagrams:

.mermaid {
  display: flex !important;
  justify-content: center;

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