Toggles for Partial Live Preview

Use case or problem

The new Live Preview feature is really awesome for some types of writing. However, I’m much more used to and prefer writing in source mode. This has the disadvantage however of needing to switch between source and preview mode to be able to see certain types of content:

  • images
  • transclusions (notes, headers, blocks)
  • plugins with custom codeblock syntax
  • html tags (asides, cite, etc)

Source mode (in CM5 at least) also didn’t have access to backlinks in document or the unresolved link status.

Proposed solution

Add toggles (or API) to partially enable (certain features of) LP while preserving the source-ish markdown syntax.

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)


I do like the function of live preview, but I just don’t want all the marked up elements to be hidden. Actually, I don’t mind markdown tokens at all, they tell me the format of the texts visually so that I can edit them easily. But live preview for images and tables is highly needed for me, I would much prefer to insert images and tables in a way that traditional word processors do, like MS Word. It is quite a good idea to combine the advantages of both rich texts and markdown. For example, the design of Ulysses’s editor is really comfortable. Of course, different people may have very different ideas about this. All in all, I think it would be better if the developers could please provide more options for users to customize which mark up elements to render. I would highly appreciate it if you could take my advice into consideration!


Inline with this, I’d also like toggles for block renders. Keep inline formatting and links, but toggle off block renders like tables, callouts, codeblocks etc.
Ideally I’d like three commands:

  • Toggle inline rendering in Live preview (your use case)
  • Toggle block rendering in Live preview (mine)
  • Toggle embed rendering (for images and file embeds)
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