Toggle Vim Mode Hotkey

Since Vim-mode isn’t perfect due to the limitations of Code Mirror.

It’d be nice to have a command palette and hotkey for toggling vim-mode on and off.

I mentioned it in this post:

Some Keyboard Shortcuts aka Hotkeys are Missing from Settings - #3 by santi

it’s not an ideal solution since ideally it’d be great to be able to achieve some of the things already mentioned in this post:

VIM Mode - Quality of Life Improvements - #23 by Nebucatnetzer

My main reason to toggle it on and off, is to be able to use the ctrl+c without having to modify the console as shown in here:

How to copy with vim mode? - #18 by santi

Even thought the official community plug in will help solve some of this, I still see it as a beneficial thing to add it "toggle vim mode’’ to the command palette / hotkeys.

Thanks as always for the excellent work!