Toggle preview mode for individual panes

It would be great if I could toggle preview mode for individual panes, even though “edit mode” is my default.
This would make MOC’s more convenient.

You can:

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I understood this request in a different way: the original poster wants specific notes to always open in preview mode (without first toggling by keyboard shortcut) even if default is set to “open in edit mode”!?


@alltagsverstand: I can see that. Or maybe they could mean that since they always open their MOCs in a certain pane, that pane could be set to always open in preview perhaps. And when, for example, they open in another pane where they regularly do their editing, the note would/could be set to open in edit mode.

But, this setting would be a temporary change to the default open mode toggle on either a per note or pane basis (separate toggles), and that change would be lost once the pane was closed. I would imagine that the changed behavior would persist after entering either Local or Global Graph view and clicking a note. When navigating backwards and forward in opened note history, I could also see merits to persistence and really would be surprised if it could, or if we would even want it to remember the most recent setting for this toggle at each point in the history.

All of that said, in the specific use case of, for example, always wanting an MOC to open in preview, I think you might be on to something as chances are most people would want that MOC to always open in preview or at least have a way to indicate to Obsidian that this is what you want, while not losing the functionality of being able to toggle default modes on a per pane basis as well.

So maybe a solution would be that this setting could be available at per pane and per note but the setting changed most recently would persist in a conflict. So, to be clear, if you had most recently toggled the per note default mode of your MOC to preview mode, then went into a pane that you previously toggled the per pane default mode to edit, the MOC would open in preview mode. However, it’s worth mentioning that, for that pane, the per pane default mode would still be set to edit.

Some sort of indicator or temporary pop up could be helpful to indicate when you have triggered a conflict and which toggle would succeed going forward. These settings could be helpful if stored as part of saved Workspaces.