Toggle hotkeys


  1. Toggling Dark and Light mode
  2. Fold all headings and lists

Currently, they have separate hotkeys.


Yes! I was about to request toggling dark and light mode and found this. Agree that folding headings and lists would also benefit from a toggle hotkey.


If you had a toggle for fold/unfold, what would you expect it to do if some of your headings were folded, and some were unfolded?

Good question. Hadn’t thought about it but it here’s how Notion does it (⌘ + ⌥ + t):

  • As long as anything on the page is folded, toggling fold/unfold will unfold everything.
  • Only when everything is unfolded, toggling fold/unfold will fold everything.

Although you often need to toggle twice if you want to fold everything, it feels intuitive. Maybe because I’ve been using it for some time already…


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Use case or problem

Use the fold and unfold all headings/lists keyboard shortcuts
For some reason, I need 2 separate shortcuts for this when it makes better sense to be categorized as a toggle.

Proposed solution

Make this a toggling shortcut like other toggles

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)


I prefer this the way it is.
Usually I will have some folded and I want to fold or unfold. I’d find it irritating to have to do it twice. If I’m forced into a toggle, I’d choose to fold all coming always first.

It might also be nice to have a fold current heading hotkey that is not quite toggle-able because it would move your cursor to the beginning of the line immediately after the heading before the one you folded.

Assuming you regularly find yourself in a completely unfolded heading hierarchy, which I would imagine is common, I see this hotkey going backwards as the direction of choice as it would allow you to quickly work your way up a hierarchy by repeatedly hitting this hotkey and then back down the heading hierarchy just by moving to the heading of choice using your scroll tactic of choice (arrows, wheel, page up/page down, etc.)

All my ramblings aside, I love the idea of being able to hotkey manipulate fold state of current zone, perhaps also for outline pane, lists, explorer, etc…


I 100% agree for toggling between light and dark mode, I can’t think of a reason why I need two separate hotkeys for that function.

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100% agree. Plz :pray: