Toggle always on top .. where is it?

Checked everywhere couldn’t find it

I’m using windows 10, and the latest update having the pop-up window.
Can’t find it in the context menu of the floating window, nor on the right click on it in the file explorer.
Am I missing something?

Toggle window always on top command seems to appear only when the pop-out window has focus. Enter the command from command palette, or you can also assign a hotkey to it if you like.
If you want to control it with mouse, you will need to use a community plugins such as Customizable Page Header and Title Bar or Customizable Menu. Currently, the configuration is a bit tricky, that the command is not listed when you try to configure it from the main window. You have to open Obsidian configuration screen from the pop-out window using command palette or hotkey.

The link is to a related thread I posted today.


Thanks for your help
the shortcut works fine
the Customizable Menu, however, doesn’t see the Toggle command in the first place. But this might be an issue with the plugin, may be it needs an update. I’ll raise an issue there…
thanks again and have a nice day!

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The current version still allows the use of that command in the Customized Menu.

  • Call up setting screen of Obsidian from a pop-out window (default hotkey: ctrl + , )
  • Obsidian’s setting screen opens in the pop-out window.
    • If the Obsidian’s setting screen opens in the main window, the command will not appear.
  • From there, configure settings for Customized Menu.

Yeap, you are totally right
Thanks a million for the tip :pray: :pray: :rose: :rose: :rose:

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