Todoist project notes plugin

Hello! I really enjoy displaying my Todoist tasks into Obsidian using the fantastic Sync with Todoist plugin. I’ve set my Todoist up in a sort of GTD style, where I have a bunch of nested projects and subprojects down to a pretty granular level.

I’ve settled into a nice workflow where I pull a “due today” view into my daily note, and then do a rough outline with Day Planner which specific projects I should work on today.

That’s where I was missing having my Todoist structure automatically mirrored in Obsidian though, so I created a plugin for it! Here’s the link: GitHub - dsuedholt/obsidian-todoist-project-notes

It’s at an early stage but at a point where it’s useful enough to my workflow that I’m actually using it. It consists of just one command, “update project notes”. Its features are:

  • Mirroring your Todoist Project structure in Obsidian with one note per Project / Subproject. Optionally either in nested folders or in a flat structure if you dislike folders. Renamed / moved projects will be automatically updated. Choose between ignoring, archiving, or deleting projects that were deleted in Todoist.

  • Updating Todoist task descriptions with an Obsidian link to their corresponding project note

  • Inserting a user-specified template into newly created project notes, and exposing information about the project tree structure for advanced templating scripts.

It’s really meant to work in tandem with Sync with Todoist. For my workflow, I get the link to a project note from the tasks that are due today in my daily note. In the project note, I show all tasks from the current project using Sync with Todoist, and take general notes about the state of the project.

Using Templater, I also insert links to all subproject notes into a project note, but that’s a bit of a bonus.

Would love to hear your opinion - could this be useful to your workflow as well? What feature would you like to see? And if you go so far as to test it out, that would be amazing! Your time and feedback would be very appreciated!

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Very cool! How come this isn’t available for download from Obsidian app > Community plugins?