Todoist plugin - add a task using markdown

The todoist plugin is working great! I just had one request that would help my workflow and I was curious to see if it was possible.

When adding a new task, is it possible to create the task in obsidian as well as todoist? Currently, I am adding the task using the current page reference.

My ideal workflow would be using a markdown process for a new task. Anything with todoist tag would be processed for todoist.

  • [ ] this is a task #todoist

thanks in advance.

That would be a neat workflow. But per the todoist sync plug-in docs, the way you add todoist tasks from inside obsidian is via commands GitHub - jamiebrynes7/obsidian-todoist-plugin: Materialize Todoist tasks in Obsidian notes

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thx for the reply, already digging this community.

I’m pretty green to obsidian and have been using a mix of ticktick/vscode/onenote/sublime/project portals/vi for many years to capture notes. My goal is to replace most of the notes sections of those programs and just use them as utilities and not note-taker environments.

I’ve been evaluating obsidian and logseq over the past few days looking for the perfect PKM/task management system that fits my needs. logseq seems to have a better task management workflow so far, but obsidian seems to fit my style a bit better. Please let me know your thoughts and tweaks on the following rollout.

Obsidian becomes my workbench as it can handle todoist tasks, internal tasks isolated on a note and global tracked tasks.

To accomplish this, I am using the following plugins:

  • Calendar
  • Daily notes
  • Tasks
  • Todoist Plugin

I have made a MOC page for tasks, which consists of todoist and task plugin queries.

Beyond my best efforts, I’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion that I will not be able to work on everything fluidly within obsidian, so I will use todoist as my primary task manager.

  • In todoist, I’ve created a project for #obs. All todoist tasks targeted for obsidian are placed in that project and the todoist plugin shows the results for the filtered:obs query.

  • If a #task is tagged on a todo item within obsidian, the query matches with the tasks plugin as is displayed.

    *I’m sure ill get query crazy within that MOC soon enough as deploying new queries seem like they can get addicting.

There is a project that is in a closed alpha state right now that looks interesting. May be combined with the todoist plugin keep everything flowing.

[[Taskbone - Make Obsidian and Todoist work better together]]

Again, any critiques are welcomed.

I am the author of Taskbone and I think that a combination of both plugins might work well for you. I know a few people use them both, but for different things (e.g. create vs. view vs. tick off).

If you already applied for early access and didn’t get it by now, you will get in the next days. I just wanted to get the two-way sync out of the door first. This is working now: Two-way sync between Todoist and Obsidian

So, I am going to set up everyone currently on the waiting list this week.

Please feel free to get in touch and let me know your requirements in detail and I’ll try to make it work!

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