Todays Date are not following the settings format

Hello people.

I don’t know if this is a bug.

When I insert the today date in obsidian, the format of the date are not the same from the settings.

I changed once to test the format, changing hiphens to slashes, but I changed again the format to be hyphens, since that the shortcut to insert today date are using slashes.

Follow a GIF showing the thing

First i hit the shortcut to insert the date.

Later I insert the todays date via commander panel.

Later I showed the format defined in obsidian settings and MacOS default.


From what I can see from your gif, you insert the date through the command :

Templates: Insert current date

So, I think you need to check what date and time format you chose in the Templates core plugin :blush: .

In the gif, you seem to check the date and time format in the Daily Notes core plugin

(I could be wrong though… The gif is fast for my tired eyes :sweat_smile: )

You are very right. I have looked in every option and don’t pay attention at Templates.

Thank you very much!

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