To-do's with reminders

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+1 for a Todoist plugin!


Would you mind sharing those scripts? I’d love to get something like this working.


+1 Should be so great !

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I would propose rather syntax taskpaper style @remind(date-time)


An additional feature for this todo list plugin I’d really like would be a hierarchical structure to tasklists. For example one note with overall tasks and other notes linked to these with subtasks.

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+1! This idea is great. Since a mobile app is in the works, it would be great in the future to receive notifications of reminders on mobile, too.

I used Joplin’s reminder functionalities until I switched to Obsidian, and I’m feeling like I really miss this feature.


Superb idea. Would use this every day!

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Yes, Please

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+1 from me!

+1 from me as well!

Along with mobile apps, reminders for To-do items is really all I need to abandon my other tools forever. Thanks to you all (the many talented minds out there) thinking about this stuff!


+1 from me! There is also this community plugin GitHub - larslockefeer/obsidian-plugin-todo

It doesn’t have reminders, but it’s a start

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+1 for this idea…
But seems we are limiting to reminder per item …
Why not have also possibility to set one for the whole list ???

Hm. I still see Obsidian more as a PKM/Knowledgebase than as a To-Do managing app. Then again, due to its flexibility, I find myself using and searching - [ ] more and more …

For managing To-Dos, I’ve been using the todo.txt text file format for years, with good success, because it’s easy and portable, and I sync it between Android and several Linux machines.

Without having thought it out, I’d probably like a todo.txt handler plugin, or at least the possibility to simply edit the .txt file format in Obsidian.

Here’s more on the format and even a JavaScript Parser.

Funny coincidence @Moonbase59, I saw this brand new plugin 2 minutes before I read your post: GitHub - trashhalo/obsidian-todo-txt: Todo.txt file support in obsidian

Instead of re-inventing the wheel i think a better idea is to enhance existing tasks plugins to export such info into todo.txt file or alike. Tasks plugin or dataview plugin seems good candidates to me.

There’s now a Reminders plugin in the Community plugins browser. It came out about two weeks ago.


Yes! and its becoming awesome


That is pretty awesome!
That is exactly what I was looking for.