[To Be Solved]Failed to load plugin:obsidian-bartender


  • Just like the pictuer of console below
  • System:Windows 7
    obsidian version:1.2.7(the latest)


Everytime when I launch obsidian ,I can see a notice:“failed to load plugin:obsidian-bartender”.It really make me crazy.
Also,if I switch the workspace,bartender will stop running.And,there are many plugins have error in console,but only bartender can`t run successfully.
To reload the bartender everytime nearly drive me crazy,does anyone have ideas?I would very appreciate if you can help me solve this problem.

Thank you~

Looks to be the same error:

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Not what you asked about, but Windows 7 is no longer supported. I’d recommend upgrading to a more current Windows (or moving to Linux or whatever).

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