"tmp.node" files - Malware alarm


The problem is reproducible on different systems.

Actual result

When we use Obsidian, it creates automatically “*tmp.node” files in the folder
\ AppData \ Local \ Temp - Virus scanner sounds the alarm.

This is a problem for systems implementing whitelisting, as the files are not signed.

Expected result

  • no virus alarm
  • deletion after exiting the software


Obsidian 0.8.4, Windows 10

which virus scanner creates an alarm?
Is it just for a temporary text file in \ AppData \ Local \ Temp?

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Norton (and execution blocked in another system)

Alarm for the *.node files (ending node) in the tmp folder. I think these are executable files (?)

They are compiled native program add-ons we bundle for Electron to be able to implement some native functionality that by default isn’t available. Think of them like .dll files.

What’s happening here is that our app is bundled into a zip file, which can’t run native addons directly, so the engine unpacks it into the temp folder.

What I can do for the next version is to build it unpacked so it will reside next to the executable.

More details (from another electron-based project) here: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/12534

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Thank you very much, this answer will help me!

A fix will be available starting from v0.8.6 - you’ll need to reinstall using the full installer once that’s publicly released since our auto-updater doesn’t touch native addons.

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perfect, thanks