Title problem with Obsidian 1.0.0

I was recently auto-upgraded to Obsidian 1.0.0. I like the new look and feel, it’s great. I like that every note automatically gets a title. I previously had entered a title manually for each note, and I just deleted these titles.

One thing I didn’t take into account is that when I use Obsidian Publish, these page will now not have a title on the web. Example:

How should I be dealing with this? I want the titles to show up on Obsidian Publish.

Thanks for your help,
Ram Rachum.

@WhiteNoise Can you help?

If you are looking for a solution to bring the titles back into your notes without having to type them manually, try this plugin:


If you don’t want your H1 titles to show up afterwards into your notes because you prefer the inline titles instead, there should be a css solution, something like

.markdown-reading-view h1 {
display: none
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Isn’t the filename always shown and you have to disable via css right now?

Anyway, i agree there should be a toggle in he publish settings.

Nevermind there is already a toggle.

Works, thank you!

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