Title Bar: No Path - Name Only

Things I have tried

Searched the settings many times.

I thought I had seen this in the settings once before, but can’t find it now.

What I’m trying to do

I want the title bar to display the file name only, not the path to its location. My motivation for this is that with its current behavior it’s impossible to see what the file name of your current note.

I fear this might be what most people are referring to as a “breadcrumb” trail & that what I’m asking is not possible.

You can use this CSS Snippet for that:

/* << ---------------- Title Bar - File Name only ------------------ >> */
    .view-header-breadcrumb, .view-header-breadcrumb-separator {
        display: none;

Thank you, that almost worked, it only removed the “/” character from the path in the title bar.

As a test I created a new, completely empty & fresh vault to be sure it wasn’t one of my very few plugins creating the issue… and unfortunately the behavior was the same.

It works for me.
Split them to see if that works:

/* << ---------------- Title Bar - File Name only ------------------ >> */
    .view-header-breadcrumb {
        display: none;
    .view-header-breadcrumb-separator {
        display: none;

If it doesn’t, then there’s some css interfering in your vault. You could try display: none !important; for the .view-header-breadcrumb to overwrite any other settings

I’m glad it works for someone :slight_smile: I’m still getting the same result.

I tried it split & with the !important modifier as you suggested.

I tried it in both vaults, my usual one as well as the completely new one. Everything in the new one is default, including the theme with no community plugins. The only thing I changed in the new vault is adding the snippet.

I don’t think it’s relevant to this, but just in case it might be helpful: I’m using version v1.1.9 running on Windows 10.

I also went ahead and gave it a try on the Android version; Obsidian v1.4.1 (83)

The results were the same. The “/” is removed, but nothing else.

That’s really weird. I tried it in a clean vault, so there shouldn’t be much of a discrepancy between our setups.

Is this your Installer version? or are you using the auto-update function? If your Installer version is older, maybe download the newest Installer 1.1.9.
(You can see the Installer Version below Current Version in Settings->About)

EDIT: you could also specify the snippet a bit more.

/* << ---------------- Title Bar - File Name only ------------------ >> */
    .view-header-title-parent .view-header-breadcrumb, .view-header-title-parent .view-header-breadcrumb-separator {
        display: none;

I finally got it to work, once I figured it out, all of the snippets you suggested worked.

It’s difficult to believe what the problem was. I never expected it.

My text editor was saving the css snippet as “UTF-8 with BOM” as a last resort I switched it to “UTF-8” and it worked. It also had some other common encodings, I was prepared to try them all.

I never expected it because the snippets were removing the “/”, so it seemed to not be having trouble reading the file.

BTW: My installer version is also 1.1.9 I do auto-update, but occasionally I download the newer installer just to prevent the possibility of strange happenings.

Thank you for the snippet!


Oh wow, I never would have thought of that. Glad you got it working!

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