Tips for using Obsidian to help with maintaining consistency in my communication as an entrepreneur?

Hi, I’m an entrepreneur and I’m trying to maintain a consistent representation of myself and my brand across all forms of communication, whether it’s in the messages I write to individual customers, marketing materials or public announcements, etc.

Every time I start writing a new message, I try to think about their perspective and what they think of me. I try to think about all of the person’s interactions with me or my product, and how that has shaped their view of me.

Ideally, whenever I’m writing a message to X, I could easily see all the messages I’ve sent to X and X has sent me, and any background info that might be important. Then I could go: “Ok, those previous messages probably mean that X thinks this and that about me, so I should write a message like this…”

Right now, I’m keeping storage of all messages I write to any customers in Obsidian. It’s helping me get inspiration for the tone and style whenever I’m writing a new message.

Any tips for plugins or workflows that could help me optimize this process further?

  • Make sure you link each communication to a file of the customer: [[X]]
  • Start your new communication in the left pane
  • Open the file of the customer in the right pane
  • Have backlinks displayed at the bottom of the file. Command: Backlinks: Toggle backlinks in document.

If you consistently linked each previous interaction, you will see all these interactions in a left pane. You can see/hide the details by expanding/collapsing the backlinks without having to open additional notes.