Tip: Finder refusing to copy into Obsidian iCloud directory?

For Mac + iOS Mobile users, your vault is typically stored in the iCloud Obsidian directory at ~/Library/Mobile Documents. You may have noticed that Finder doesn’t allow you to copy or move files into this directory, displaying a “no parking” symbol.

My workaround is to use the app “Forklift”, which doesn’t restrict what you can copy into the iCloud/Obsidian directory. Works like a charm.

It should show up in iCloud Drive — that’s where you should be editing the files.

Yes (and iCloud Drive is really located at ~/Library/Mobile Documents). The problem I was having (and maybe it’s just me) is that I can’t drop files (e.g. Excel files) into that directory using Finder.

If you update your installer to 0.12.10 it should work without an extra app. (like mentioned in the changelog)
That requires a manual reinstall of the app.

iCloud Drive isn’t just redirecting you to the Library though. Yes, you can see the files there, but editing them there is not the same as editing them in iCloud Drive.

My understanding is you’re trying to edit them in Library, which is why you’re then having problems.

@stevelw I’m in iCloud Drive, entered by selecting the “iCloud Drive” icon on the left hand panel in Finder. I expand/open the Obsidian folder. I cannot drag/drop something into that folder. You can?

Yes, I can. Maybe you have some permission errors. Try running First Aid in disk utility.

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I sporadically have the same issue. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Maybe it’s related to iCloud offloading files to save space.

My workaround: Copy Obsidian folder into a non-iCloud folder, modify files, copy it back into iCloud.

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