Timestamps on blocks working like Dynalist

I just noticed that Dynalist now has or maybe had for awhile very nice timestamps on hovering over each bullet. This is elegant and very welcome to have with no baggage for the user. It would be also great if there were some way for Obsidian to show such a timestamp with both creation and change dates on hover or Ctrl/Command hover for each block.

Use case or problem

I want to find out when the block was written and when last modified →

Proposed solution

I think it would be best if this were part of core and just worked, but be unobtrusive like it is in the Dynalist implementation. Maybe it should be added to Outline Plugin where bullets are a visual facet, but I would like it for all parts of my notes. →

Current workaround (optional)

I am writing my Daily Log notes in Dynalist and copying them over to Obsidian which is not optimum and leaves me with possibility of getting creation/mod data from OS file system for *.md files–>

Related feature requests (optional)