Timestamp Video Notetaking

Hello Obsidian users!

Do you use Obsidian to take notes on videos?

Have you ever wanted to return to a specific place in a video while taking your notes?

Do you want to be able to watch videos INSIDE Obsidian?

I certainly have! After scouring the forums for a plugin like this and realizing this functionality simply did not exist yet, I decided to join the community of Obsidian developers and make it myself! Hope you enjoy: GitHub - juliang22/ObsidianTimestampNotes: This plugin allows side-by-side notetaking with videos. Annotate your notes with timestamps to directly control the video and remember where each note comes from.


Thanks. It can be a really useful plugin. Does it work with local video files?


Good Morning @juliang22

Would I like to know if you pretend to support local videos as well?

Have a nice day

There is also another plugin that has a similar use-case: GitHub - aidenlx/media-extended: Media(Video/Audio) Playback Enhancement for Obsidian.md

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Hey @juliang22 I love this plugin so much, and it’s been hugely useful to me for taking notes on videos from URLs.

This morning I looked at the recent updates & noticed that apparently support for local video files has also been added. Your readme file contains instructions that users can set a hotkey for “Opening a local video” - which I would love to do, but the plugin does not seem to create an option for that hotkey. Not sure if I am missing something!

I have also tried to open local videos using the complete filepath as if it were a URL, but this also does not work.

Would love to be able to access the local video function. Can you help?

UPDATE: I found a way that seems to work (although I am seeing reports that it may work inconsistently).

  • use the command palette (or a keyboard shortcut) to use the function called “Timestamp Notes: Open sample modal (complex)”
  • this will open a small file selection module window. from there, you can select which video file you’d like to play.
  • This does not generate an initial “video link” object, so you will want to name the markdown file you’re using to take timestamped notes in accordance with the name of the video file you are analyzing.

Maybe this will helps some folks!
(I have also tried the ‘media extended’ plugin, which seems good [tho I wish it were possible to just use relative ./ file paths for local files], but thus far I prefer the implementation & functionality of ‘Timestamp Notes’.)

I’ve been using the Media Extended plugin and it’s worked great! Only issue is not being hotkeys for the videos (play, stop, rewind, etc). Anyone figure out a way to make this work?


Is it possible to add a shortcut that inserts a screenshot based on the current video’s play time?

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