Timestamp Video Notetaking

Hello Obsidian users!

Do you use Obsidian to take notes on videos?

Have you ever wanted to return to a specific place in a video while taking your notes?

Do you want to be able to watch videos INSIDE Obsidian?

I certainly have! After scouring the forums for a plugin like this and realizing this functionality simply did not exist yet, I decided to join the community of Obsidian developers and make it myself! Hope you enjoy: GitHub - juliang22/ObsidianTimestampNotes: This plugin allows side-by-side notetaking with videos. Annotate your notes with timestamps to directly control the video and remember where each note comes from.


Thanks. It can be a really useful plugin. Does it work with local video files?

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Good Morning @juliang22

Would I like to know if you pretend to support local videos as well?

Have a nice day