Timestamp note from locally (within the vault) stored video

Things I have tried

I searched for tips in various forums and communities and also found some hints, but none of them worked.
Example: None of the options mentioned in the following link work: Get Timestamp · aidenlx/media-extended Wiki · GitHub
It just happens - nothing!

What I’m trying to do

Hello all,
I am currently trying out the Media Extended plugin. I can’t figure out how to use the plugin to make notes on videos that are stored within the Vault (e.g. as mp4 file).
Can someone help me here? Thanks in advance!

Hi, I’m not expert on this myself, but I think you need to link the pane of the video with the relevant note file. So open the video in question and the note you want to add the time stamps, then click “link with pane…” from the three-dot menu, in either of the files, and then click on the other one. Once they are linked, inserting timestamps should work fine.

Thanks a lot - that helps already. Although I thought that the plyer window is automatically linked to the note window when you open the player with Ctrl+click.

I can now create timestamps though, however two more problems follow:

  1. the timestamps have a terrible format, because they always show the complete video title followed by the time. With long video titles the timestamp can go over two or more lines. Can I define that only hh:mm:ss is shown?

  2. when clicking on a timestamp, the video opens and starts playing from the beginning. But then I wouldn’t need timestamps…

Completely confused…


Hmm, I’m really not sure about these things sorry. Like I said, not an expert! :wink: Maybe it would be worth trying the plugin’s page on Github.

Hi again. I just discovered the plugin Timestamp notes. I’ve played with it a little and it seems to do a really smooth job of timestamping videos, either from URL or local. Might be worth checking out.

Oh friend, let do this. I checked TimesStamp notes plugin but it not work on Obsidian mobile so it’s a no for me. I use Media Extend for a while and i confirm, it will work on local video (local mp4) and youtube video (web link) just fine.
Note that i use Obsidian on my ipad 12.9 and iPhone.


For Youtube video.

  • Press CMD + N create a new note (must do)
  • Press CMD + U paste the youtube link, video will open in new obsidian window then autoplay
  • In that “new note” window, while the video playing, press CMD + 6 to insert timestamp then you can write you note about it normally.

For local video

  • Copy your video to your vault.
  • Press CMD + N create a new note (must do)
  • Right click on your video on File Explorer panel, click “open in new pane”.
  • Click “tree dot” menu (top right corner), click “link with pane…” , then click to that “new note” window. Now that video is linked to that note. Press play button
  • Now, in note window Press CMD + 6 to insert timestamp then note about it.

Sound good right ? But now we get to the tricky part (~_~)

CAUTION (very caution)

  • Everything i just told you is just in editing mode, you noting / writing about your video note ONLY, NOT for review your video note by clicking the timestamp. Why ? It getting buggy, create infinity windows then everything become an absolutely mess. Note that, it’s not hurt data, no data is loss, it’s just hurt our eyes ~_~
  • So, to avoid that, for just REVIEW your video note (not edit, not add new timestamp), you must close video window, turn your note back to VIEW mode, then now you can click on timestamp to jump around between timestamp.
  • Want continue to edit your video note again ? Repeat step above. Trying a couple time then you gonna get use to it.

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