TikTok knowledge management

Hi all,
I am a new user (very new), but have a lot of plans on Obsidian.
My first goal is to come up with a system to store all the information I’ve learned from TikTok. And I desperately need your advice. Could you please help me to find a good approach to the structure of my future system?
I will provide more details below

Things I have tried

At the moment, I have a log of ALL liked TikToks that I requested and downloaded from Tiktok. That will become an archive. Once the structure is established, I will be slowly going through old liked tiktoks and process them.

All the new important tiktoks from now on I send straight away to the “tiktok - inbox” note with different tags.
Tags are like:

  • science news
  • life hacks
  • interesting websites
  • new skills in software
  • cocktail recipies
  • important news
    However, this way is not good as when I search by a tag, the list of results appears to be quite difficult to navigate through towards a video in question.

I have searched the forum and youtube, but found mostly info on how to connect several bits of info of an equal level (different notes). In my case - I am trying to capture a lot of random information that will be used in various ways. Later on, I want to be able to quickly find a particular video without a need to scroll through a bunch of other videos

What I’m trying to do

SO, somehow I am trying to have a structured database that is comfortable in use with hundreds of small blocks(videos) nd that will enable me to quickly locate one exact video.
Later, I will be using it for either larger notes (cooking book, list of videos for a particular software, babies raising tips) or on an ad hoc basis (quickly show something during the conversation, share with my wife something that might be interesting for her)

Should I send videos to Obsidian directly to a predetermined folder, or send them all in one file with tags?
What way is better to have a nice visual graph with linked related bits?

My apologies if it’s written vaguely, I am still trying to make it clear in my head…

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