Ticking tasks opens collapsed nodes

I have a set of tasks as shown in the attached image divided under level 2 headers. Some of the tasks have sub-items so show with the open and close toggles. If I start in preview mode with the all the tasks collapsed, then whenever I tick one of the tasks (e.g. task 2) then all of the collapsed tasks under the same section header automatically open. This does not happen to collapsed items in Section 2.

If I tick task 9 then the same thing happens to Item 8 but not to the items in Section 1.

I should mention that I’m currently running 0.9.19.

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When you tick a task, the whole list where the task belongs gets re-rendered. This how things work currently and it’s not a bug.

Ok okay, I accept that it’s not a bug. It is kind of annoying though. On the other hand I notice that Typora doesn’t seem to support folding in this way at all so maybe I should be grateful for what I have :grinning:

I guess the workaround for now is to move large blocks of nested stuff in todo sections to separate documents and link to them in the todo’s.