Tiago Forte's progressive summarisation

Forte’s progressive summarisation advocates for highlighting notes, then underlining the key messages in the highlights, then bolding the essential takaways within the underlined ones.

Wouldn’t be cool to have a plugin that allows you to take a note marked up this way, and turn it into 3 notes:

  1. Original
  2. All underlines pulled out
  3. All bolds pulled out

It could be configurable so need not follow the highlight-underline-bold hierarchy. It also doesn’t need to extract them into new notes, it could just place them all in the same note under different headers


I really like Tiagos philosophy, but combining highlight with bold is excessive, in my experience.

However, I got used to use multicolored bold / Italic.
To get this features, install the community theme Dune from obsidians theme repo.
Check out its documentation

Also you can find a plug-in called extract highlights, but this one will extract only default highlights.

I also would support this plugin idea. I personally use italics and then highlighting (I assume that my Readwise imports of 10% of a book or article is my first round), so also support the idea of a customizable order/hierarchy.

My favorite way to use this would be a way to just hide the non-italicized/highlighted items, and only display items in the highest level of summarization (e.g. the highlights of the italics, then later only the italics + highlights later on.

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