Thunderbird Obsidian Export

Obsidian Export is a Thunderbird extension to easily export your Thunderbird emails to Obsidian.

:star2: Features

  • Export a text selection, a single email or multiple emails to Obsidian.
  • Export by clicking the button or pressing the hotkey (by default “Ctrl+Alt+O”)
  • Add metadata to the title and body of the note:
    • Set a template for note title and body.
    • Trim the author or subject by regex. For example, remove “Re:” or “Fwd:”.
    • Include the date in a custom format.
    • Take a look at this section for details.
  • Add tags and attachments from the email.


  • Local REST API

For more informations you can view the plugin in github here Obsidian Export Thunderbird Addon and download the extension here Thunderbird Add-On

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